Perhaps I’m just a poser

I had a fun chat on Flak Photo Network with Stephanie Dean, and she ended up sending me a selection of photographs in response to the theme. These photographs were taken of her whilst she was in photographic education, and she elaborates on them too:     “This was by Mark Lidinsky(Sp? I know his […]

Perhaps I’m Just a Poser

This photograph was sent to me by Christine Anderson after I posted about the Perhaps I’m Just a Poser project on Flak Photo Network. A few of us had a great conversation that made me laugh, and Christine had some funny tales. Anyway, as an example of the sort of conversation: CA: “..this is also […]

Anne-Marie Atkinson at Photalk #1

Anne-Marie Atkinson was one of the presenters at the Photalk #1 event at White Cloth Gallery in Leeds. She presented work from her ongoing project ‘The Rugged Places’ and in her statement she described it as: “…a photographic documentary series that explores the isolated rural location of the North Pennines and considers what it means […]