Pictures of Leeds

A panel including Philip Welding, Casey Orr, Peter Dench, Peter Mitchell, Lizzie Coombes and Jo Booth discusses the city’s relationship to photography; participants are invited to bring along their photographs of the people and environment of Leeds to be designed live throughout the evening and made into a publication.

Attention has come to Leeds recently from the photographic community since the publication of ‘Strangely Familiar’ by Peter Mitchell.

Martin Parr said in the preface:

“Not only was this show in colour, but it featured photos and portraits, taken in Leeds, showing traditional shops and factories. The images were mounted on space charts, the conceit being that some alien had landed from Mars and was wandering around urban Leeds with a degree of surprise and puzzlement.”

Of these aliens (photographers?) he said “quite why our alien visitors to Leeds never stayed, we’ll never know”.

Well it turns out, they’ve been here all along.

If you are interested in bringing your own photographs along, they can be in digital or physical form. We have a team of designers who will be there on the night, turning a selection of the submissions into a book design!

6pm: Submit your photographs (or just socialise)

6:15pm: A panel discusses the city’s relationship to photography. Chaired by Philip Welding, this is an opportunity to discuss photography past and present and listen to input from a wide range of contributors.

8:30pm: Close


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